Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rumplepimple inspires writing!

I wanted to share one of the earliest joys experienced with the launch of Rumplepimple's first book.

We'd just brought mom home with us from New York State, and a lovely young woman from the visiting nurse service came to do an assessment of our needs. Jenna was extremely patient with the real Rumplepimple as he jumped as high as her chin, requesting (demanding) her attention. As it turns out, she is the mom of several terriers herself, and so understands his kind.

Jenna is also the mom of two boys, and so Diane offered her a copy of Rumplepimple to take home to them. When she returned the next morning, she brought this:

Her son John created it after having read my little book. It's about one of their dogs, named Chaos. He even attached a Post-It Note, like the ones included in our illustrations!

It's hard to convey how much joy this brought Diane and I. We'd hoped the book was entertaining enough that kids would like reading it, but the fact that it inspired the next step, writing, was just incredible. We are thrilled.

Here are a few of the pages.

We are so inspired by John's book that we've decided to develop a contest to encourage other kids to do the same thing. Stay tuned for details!

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