Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mommy interviews Kathy V. Baldock

Will You Walk With Me? An Interview With Evangelical LGBT Supporter Kathy Baldock

For several years, I've been collecting materials for a book which offers a Biblical defense of same sex relationships. As part of that process, my wife and I have met many interesting people, including Kathy Baldock, founder of Canyonwalker Connections and author of Walking the Bridgeless Canyon: Repairing the Breach between the Church and the LGBT Community.
We connected with Kathy recently in hope that she would review my children's illustrated story book Rumplepimple, because it features two moms. I listened to Kathy on a radio interview, and found myself mesmerized by both her story and her lovely voice. Kathy graciously agreed to answer a few questions for me to share here, and even recorded her responses so that you can more actively participate in the unfolding of the adventure that changed her life.
Meet Kathy Baldock. I think you'll like her

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