Friday, October 23, 2015

Tiny Dog Makes Huge Impact

Meet Juno the Facebook sensation, and her inspiring mom Deborah Young. The duo's online and real-world work supports Kane's KrusadePet Rock Festival, theCold Noses FoundationSweetpea Animal Shelter, Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog, Paws for a Cause, ending Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) and many other causes.
Tell us about Juno and the work you do together.
As far as Juno knows, she's a little person, not a dog. During a visit to grandma in the hospital, I quickly realized that Juno had a way with patients, so the Chihuahua with a big heart began visiting senior centers and hospitals, spreading good will and smiles. She became a therapy dog with Paws for Friendship and is a Paws to Read dog, where she goes into libraries and children read to her to build self-confidence. Juno's calm demeanor and gentle disposition make her the perfect ambassador and trusted friend.
I work to promote spay/neuter programs and meet with children and try to teach them respect and kindness towards animals, and hopefully they will learn kindness and respect toward each other. Juno's Paw-it-Forward project collects supplies for a school where 98% of the students live at poverty level. In 2014, Juno raised $1,000.00 for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Last year we did a fundraiser and brought Christmas in August to five-year-old Grayson Hand of Sturbridge who has leukemia. This year we did another fundraiser and took his older sister to an American Girl store and let her be princess for a day because often she has to be so understanding of her little brother's needs.

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